2008 Mercedes SL R230 Warrior from Prior-Design review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 27 November 2008 , 02:11:53 byVeronica

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Mercedes SL R230

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz has developed a new model, the Warrior, for the clients that want an absolute luxury performance car. It took them a lot of time and effort, but in the end, the model is ready. It features a body kit that includes a front bumper, rear bumper, front fenders, side skirts, hood and grille. This will be produced and sent in absolute high quality and fitment. The Germans will also offer some optional equipment. Depending on what you want, the front bumper is available for all models with of without xenon headlights. This is not all. The specialists may or may not install original park distance control. The kit can be fitted without grille or hood. Anew ECU software was also developed to complete the aerodynamic and performance kit. This increases the power by 20 to 70 horsepower. The qualities of driving and acceleration have been improved.

To realize our clients` dream of an absolute luxury performance car we have spent a lot of time, effort and charges to build a new kit called "Warrior."

The body kit consisting of front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, front fenders, hood and grill will be produced and sent in absolute high quality and fitment. Further, we haven`t lost the focus regarding functionality of factory or optional equipment.

The front bumper is available for all models with or without xenon headlights. Fog lights and the attached active curve lights can be mounted as well. Also, factory protection stripes with or without original park distance control can be installed. For more conservative clients, it is also a possibility to fit the kit without hood and grille.

To offer a complete kit consisting aerodynamics and performance we decided to develop a new ECU software which results in a 20 - 70 hp boost, depending on motorization. Acceleration and driving quality has noticeably improved.