2008 Fiat 500 by Novitec review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 13 May 2008 , 16:05:08 byVeronica

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Fiat 500 by Novitec

Three attributes that describe the Fiat 500 by NOVITEC are: exclusive, agile and powerful, as the tuned car ensures sportier handling characteristics, matching suspension modifications and a NOVITEC front spoiler which makes the front more striking. The price of the front spoiler is 159 Euros MSRP. The auxiliary control module, the POWERRAIL 4, acts as a plug-and-play unit and it can be installed in a few minutes. The maximum speed was increased to 165 km/h, from 160 km/h, while the power output reaches 83 HP. The 0-100 km/h sprint is covered in 11.9 seconds and NOVITEC promises more driving fun through supercharging for the 16-valve 1.4-liter engine. However, with or without engine tuning, the engine receives a more powerful exhaust note due to the NOVITEC stainless-steel sport mufflers, which are available with one or two tailpipes. The agile handling of the Fiat 500 is optimized by NOVITEC through the use of custom-tailored wheels together with corresponding sophisticated suspension solutions. Available in sizes 7Jx16 and 7Jx17, the price of the NOVITEC N8 multi-spoke wheels starts at 129 Euros. The sporty low-profile tires are complemented by the sports springs, offered by NOVITEC. Sporty accessories, such as aluminum pedals, can be used to customize the cockpit.