2008 Peugeot 308 RC Z review and pictures

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Peugeot 308 RC Z

Peugeot revealed a new compact hatchback designed for the medium car segment and features different kind of elements that allows us to spot it from a distance. Its name is the 308 RC Z. The carmaker used a lot of aluminum elements to make the car as light as possible, but also a big number of carbon fiber body parts. The front suspension makes the car easy to drive. This unique model is actually the combination between different dreams the carmaker had, but it also stops to the safety part. The car has the Lane Department Warming System borrowed from the 308 hatchback and also some impact protection structures that will absorb the impact forces. It also features different systems that finds the location of the vehicle and calls for appropriate assistance. This concept car, like all concepts actually, represent the models of the future and not only when it comes to Peugeot.

A new compact hatchback destined for the medium car segment, it has many strengths that will appeal to a broad customer base, not least due to its semi-tall architecture with its promise of greater interior space, its improved visibility and its brighter interior, but also its exemplary road holding, its range of high-performance engines, its high levels of safety and a number of design features which contribute to improving on-board comfort and convenience inside the car. Finally, its aerodynamic shape and “feline” elegance give it a strong and immediately recognisable identity. Naturally the 308™s three and fi ve door body styles are only part of the “T7” programme.

While some body styles are already confi rmed and in development, some are still yet to be created and are currently only in the imagination of the designers and engineers who are so passionate about cars.

Nevertheless, their ideas sometimes come together to give life to even the most fantastic ideas. In such cases their dreams fi nally become reality, making way for part-real, part-fantasy automotive designs. The result of such ideas is the 308 RC Z concept car.


The 308 RC Z concept car is a new Peugeot interpretation of driving pleasure. The car is a 2+2 coupé, with true versatility and at the same time a style that is modern, original and well-balanced. Attention initially focused on making the vehicle as light as possible by the use of numerous aluminium components, for example the two roll over protection bars that separate the passenger compartment and give shape to the exterior styling, and the use of a polycarbonate rear windscreen and a large number of carbon fi bre body parts. Using the 308 as a blueprint offered a number of benefits.

Its taut lines and streamlined design ensure an effi cient aerodynamic specifi cation (a SCx of just 0.65), improving performance, fuel consumption and therefore helping to protect the environment due to the reduced CO2 emissions. With a length of 4.276 (same as the hatchback), a width of 1.840 (25 mm more than the hatchback) and a height of only 1.320 m, the proportions of the 308 RC Z concept car combines a very dynamic design with a high level of road holding.

Wheels and suspension

In the tradition of Peugeot concept cars there is a linked front suspension employing the widespread use of aluminium to reduce the vehicle™s overall weight.

This set up ensures exceptional road holding, excellent steering accuracy and great feedback intensifying the overall driving sensation.

The rear suspension, derived from the hatchback, consists of a torsion-beam, two rear suspension arms and an integral anti-roll bar. It has been specially modifi ed to take account of the wider vehicle tracks. Indeed the front and rear tracks have been increased by 59 mm compared to the hatchback, and also the fi tment of wider tyres, ensures maximum body rigidity, precision and vehicle stability.

Braking relies on large (360 mm) diameter ventilated discs at the front with four piston calipers. Polished split rim 19™™ alloy wheels are fi tted with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 245/40 R19 tyres.


Even for a unique model, Peugeot™s designers do everything they can to make their dreams become a reality and leave nothing to chance. Safety is also made a top priority.

While the exceptional road holding of the 308 RC Z concept car forms the basis of its primary safety, it is supplemented by safety equipment borrowed from the 308 hatchback, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and the directional bi-Xenon headlamps. Similarly, in terms of secondary safety, the 308 RC Z uses the same impact protection structures, in particular the three impact absorption structures at the front, designed to provide a rigid structure which can deform in a controlled manner, maximising the absorption of impact forces.

Finally, tertiary safety is assured by the «Peugeot Emergency» service linked to the vehicle™s RT4 telematics system. This pinpoints the vehicle™s location and triggers the dispatch of appropriate assistance as required.

Like all concept cars, the 308 RC Z is an amazing laboratory of ideas making it possible to design and test new concepts and pioneer technical and styling ideas free from the constraints of volume production.

To a greater or lesser extent, these unique cars often serve as the source of inspiration for future production vehicles.

They are a sort of «guide» to the Peugeots of the future, indicating a chosen path to be followed. Concept cars are like the stars, they serve as a guiding light. Even though they sometimes appear too far away to grasp, it sometimes feels as though all it would take is an outstretched arm...