2008 Renntech CL 65 AMG Stage 3 review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 1 February 2008 , 11:02:09 byAngela

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Renntech CL 65 AMG Stage 3

Renntech developed the new Stage 3 tune for the 2008 65 series AMG models. Its aim is to enable the model to develop 695 horsepower and 890 lb. ft. of torque with the twin-turbo V12 engine. With this amount of power, we can tell the tuner delivers real improvements when it comes to performance in comparison with the stock 65 series AMG cars.

RENNTECH announced its new Stage 3 tune for the 2008 65 series AMG models, which makes use of what RENNTECH calls "next-generation ECU software" to get 695 hp and 890 lb-ft of torque from the AMG`s twin-turbo V12. "Power will always be important to many customers, especially torque," explains Hartmut Feyhl, RENNTECH`s president and ex technical director of AMG North America. "Our cars have always been able to make considerable torque, and have been praised in magazines for their drivability. Still, we are constantly trying to improve our product."

The latest software takes advantage of the increased power of the new engine computers, and offers a number of small improvements that add up to a big overall improvement," Feyhl explains. "It really is that next-generation sort of product that is much more advanced than what we were capable of offering before. Compared to earlier versions, our new software gives customers more power and better drivability in a way that is more reliable, smoother power curve, and even improves emissions and gas mileage." In addition to the software upgrades, RENNTECH adds a larger intercooler pump and secondary heat exchanger, as well as a pair of carbon fiber airboxes to improve the flow of cool air into the big AMG`s V12. The intercooler system upgrades reduce air intake temperatures by more than 20 degrees, delivering more consistent power compared to stock and allowing RENNTECH to more safely increase boost throughout the rpm range.

RENNTECH`s stainless steel sport mufflers (also part of the new package) produce a deep, distinctive growl that is suitably aggressive for a high-end luxury car. Feyhl suggests that his mufflers "let the car sound the way it is supposed to sound." With almost 900 lb-ft of torque available from the engine, RENNTECH`s upgrades deliver a real, noticeable improvement in terms power and acceleration compared to the already impressive performance of the stock 65 series AMG cars.