2008 Cobra Subaru Tribeca review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 1 July 2008 , 01:07:33 byVeronica

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Cobra Subaru Tribeca

The new Subaru Tribeca received a facelift. For the ones that want more individuality, Cobra Technology and Lifestyle specialists have developed an extensive customization program. The looks of the model have been upgraded, but at the same time the model receives optimal pedestrian protection. The engineers have developed a specially made front guard for the new Subaru Tribeca whose sophisticated design ensures that it meets the stringent EG guideline for pedestrian protection. The front guard is made of high-gloss stainless steel with a tube diameter of 60 mm. It comes with an EG operating certificate that eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming amendments of the technical documentation of the vehicle. To improve active safety, the font guard can be equipped with auxiliary high-beam headlights. For easier entering an exiting of the vehicle and to protect the sides of the SUV, Cobra Technology and Lifestyle specialists offer rocker panel guards. The stainless-steel ones have a tube diameter of 80 mm and feature integrated plastic steps. This is not all the engineers have for the Sat Tribeca owners. In fact, the tuners also refine the rear bumper with two high-gloss stainless-steel guards that are mounted to the right and left side of the bumper. The light alloy wheels developed by the Cobra Technology and Lifestyle specialists offer a different look as well. These fill out the space below the wheel arches measuring 8.5Jx20 multi-spoke wheels. According to the tuners all Cobra Technology and Lifestyle elements are being manufactured in OEM quality and all come with a 24 month warranty no matter the kilometers. These are all the details available on the new facelift version of the Subaru Tribeca modified by Cobra Technology and Lifestyle specialists.