2008 Subaru Exiga review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 18 June 2008 , 07:06:30 byVeronica

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Subaru Exiga

Subaru announced the debut of its new Subaru EXIGA in Japan. The model actually went on sale on the home market today. The model has been developed to provide safe and pleasant journey for all occupants. Despite a body size that is convenient for maneuvering, the Subaru EXIGA comfortably accommodates up to seven occupants, ensuring ample space and a pleasant ride for each passenger. A bright, open interior space has been created for passengers in any seat to enjoy the scenery outside. In addition to high levels of safety, both active and passive, the Subaru EXIGA blends high performance and smooth handling with high-quality riding comfort. The vehicle also offers excellent environmental performance and fuel economy. There are four models available. The first one is the Subaru EXIGA 2.0i, the basic one, with selected standard equipment. The next one is the 2.0i-L, which offers high quality finishes and expanded standard equipment. The third model available is the 2.0i-S, a sporty model with a naturally aspirated engine, featuring dynamic powerful styling and interior designs. The last one is the 2.0GT Subaru EXIGA, a grand touring car that combines potent power train performance with environmental considerations. The Subaru EXIGA uses an advanced form of the Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame Body Structure which helps the model realize obtain high levels of safety and crash-worthiness through effectively absorbing and dispersing crash impact in frontal, side- or rear-impact crashes. The front wiper system features a new uniform-pressure, fin-shaped design that creates down force to prevent blade lift-off during high speed driving. Dual supplemental restraint system airbags are standard on all models. SRS side airbags and curtain airbags protect the third-row occupants. A collapsible brake pedal is available on all models to reduce the risk of foot injuries in frontal collisions.