2008 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 by Delta4x4 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 8 May 2008 , 23:05:53 byVeronica

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Toyota Land Cruiser V8 by Delta4x4

Just in time for the official German launch on March 8th 2008, delta4x4 introduces a complete new custom concept for the new Land Cruiser. As is expected delta4x4 combines excellent craftsmanship with sophisticated technology to deliver accessories for the discerning SUV driver.

For some the power surge of up to 218 kmph by the delta4x4 performance increase compared to the standard 286 kmph could cause a little anxiety but with the delta4x4 high-performance brake system any uneasiness is quickly forgotten. This high-performance brake system includes a six-piston caliper, a 396 mm perforated brake disk and a steel-wrapped hose. It provides a precise pedal response, allowing an allround secure and relaxing driving pleasure at a maximum torque of 780 Nm.

”Back to basics“ the Bavarian 4 wheel specialist delta4x4 prides itself on high quality handmade stainless steel accessories
delta4x4 fits Toyota™s new SUV with either a front bar that meets EU pedestrian protection safety standards or a bigger front bar for the export market. Also in the line handmade and hand polished 101mm stainless steel side and rear bars. To accentuate its powerful appearance and to render the vehicle™s sound more deep and mighty, delta4x4 has equipped the V8 with a stainless steel double pipe exhaust system.
The broad sporty wheels and the elegant 17 to 23 inch rim program provides the vehicle with a high urban profile.

Stainless steel front bar 101mm: 1.850€
Headlight base for front bars: 100€
Additional driving-light lamps PIAA 550: 850€
Stainless steel side bars 101mm: 1.710€
Stainless steel rear bumper 101mm: 1.230€
Wheel/tire combination consisting of light alloy rim “delta Elements 4“ 11x23 inches, wheel spokes painted in car color and Continental Sport Contact 305/40R23: 7.100€
Motor management: 1.960€
Stainless steel double pipe exhaust system: starting at 700€
Brake system delta4x4: six-piston caliper and perforated 396x36mm brake disks incl. steel-wrapped hose: 6.760€
Technical Data: V8-cylinder turbo diesel • displacement 4461cm3 • performance increase with accessory device up to 234kW/318hp (standard 210 kW/286 hp at 4000/min.) • permanent 4-wheel-drive • with delta4x4 780Nm at 1600-2800 rpm instead of standard 650Nm • length/breadth/height 4950/1970/1866 mm • fuel tank 93l • standard top speed 210kmph • delta4x4 top speed 218kmph • standard 0-100kmph in 8,2 sec. • delta4x4 0-100kmph in 7,8sec. • consumption 10,2 l diesel/100km • CO2 270 g/km.

All prices include 19% VAT, paintwork and assembling