2008 VW Golf Twin Drive Plug-in Hybrid Prototype review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 27 June 2008 , 05:06:57 byVeronica

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VW Golf Twin Drive Plug-in Hybrid Prototype

German specialists from Volkswagen have developed a plug-in hybrid drive of the next generation Golf. In the future, the most advanced drive concepts in the style if the TwinDrive will enable users to cover everyday routes by electrical, solar, wind and water power without any limitations. The Golf TwinDrive presented enables electrically powered driving in the city, on the one hand, while also enabling very long ranges over extended driving routes on which the combustion engine is used. Volkswagen AG is extending all aspects of its research and development program for long-term electrification of the engine. The corporation is working together with different global partners in realizing these objectives. The electric motors of the test fleet should be driven by electricity generated from renewable energy sources. On the test cars, this energy will be stored using the latest battery technologies. The test vehicle from VW should represent the first step on the path toward the completely electrically powered automobile. Thanks to its long range in electric mode, the TwinDrive offers new perspectives for local traffic, since no emissions are generated in electric operation. The hybrid function of the system also enables low fuel consumption values on long driving routes. In the framework of the fleet test, the specialists will be deploying up to 20 vehicles with the newly developed drive concept. While the E-motor on a typical hybrid model just supplements the combustion engine, the exact opposite is true on the TwinDrive. Here the diesel or gasoline engine supplements the E-motor. One of the goals of the large-scale study is to test the innovative and advanced lithium-ion technology under representative operating conditions. The carmaker wants to present initial vehicles with highly efficient lithium-ion batteries as early as the year 2010.