2009 BMW Performance Power Kit for 335i and 135i review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 18 February 2009 , 06:02:56 byVeronica

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BMW Performance Power Kit for 335i and 135i

The BMW 335i and the 135i model have received the BMW Performance Power Kit. After the modification process was finished, the results were quite impressive. The straight-six power unit found in the BMW 135i Coupe, the BMW 135i Convertible, the BMW 335i Saloon, the BMW 335i Touring, the BMW 335i Coupe and the BMW 3355i Convertible way improved. To be more precise, the engines powering the models above received a power boost of 20 horsepower to 326 horsepower, delivering up to 450 Nm of torque. We can see the results better on the road where the acceleration if faster and more flexible. The engine further upgraded by the BMW Performance Power Kit is the 6-cylinder. It is in the top versions of both the BMW 3-Series and the BMW 1-Series. The engineers have equipped it with Twin Turbo Technology and High Precision Injection. In the end, the output reaches 306 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Appropriate modifications in engine management have a positive effect on the development of power, an additional radiator outside of the engine itself as well as appropriate air flow ducts and a high-performance fan on the main radiator serving to adjust the engine to the change in thermal conditions. The models can produce now 326 horsepower, by the BMW Performance Power Kit increases peak torque to 430 Nm on the model equipped with the manual transmission. On the BMW 335i Coupe and the BMW 335i Convertible, for example, the BMW Performance Power Kitmay also be combined with the 7-speed automatic sports transmission developed by the Bavarians, complete with double-clutch operation. The 335i Saloon is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, thus completing this standard sprint 0.2 seconds faster than its regular production counterpart.