2009 BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 30 August 2009 , 12:08:11 byDan

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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept

German specialists from BMW have always tried to reduce the CO2 emission level and the also the fuel consumption. Now, the BMW Vision concept demonstrates that the objectives of the EfficientDynamics are fully compatible when applied to a sports car. The 2+2 seat car with plug-in full-hybrid technology combines the performance of a BMW M vehicle with a standard of fuel efficiency and emission management that exceeds even the current levels achieved by the latest small cars. The results were achieved by combining BMW ActiveHybrid components with an extremely economical combustion engine and of course, outstanding aerodynamic qualities. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics is the most comprehensive implementation of the EfficientDynamics philosophy seen so far. The German BMW ActiveHybrid technology makes its world debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and BMW ActiveHybrid 7 production models. The power and performance are made possible by combining a fuel-efficient 3-cylinder turbo-diesel with one electric motor on each axle. The total output is 356 horsepower and 590 lb. ft. of torque. The special arrangement of the two motors and diesel engine allows all-wheel drive when driving in all-electric mode. The result is minimum power loss and a harmonious transmission of the power available under all conditions. When it comes to the interior design, the focus was likewise on both the fascinating driving experience and, in particular, on transparent, hands-on technology and maximum reduction of weight. The chassis and suspension of BMW Vision EfficientDynamics are made completely of aluminum. The roof and the outer skin on the doors are made almost completely of a special polycarbonate glass automatically darkening as a function of the light shining on the car. The model takes a new approach in combining functional progress with a most powerful emotional impact.