2009 Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 3 January 2010 , 10:01:21 byAlina

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Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2

Chevrolet introduced the GT2 version of the Corvette C6.R in the American Le Mans Series. As the team conducted a five-race test program in preparation for a unified GT class in 2010, Corvette Racing posted five podium finishes and notched its first GT2 win at Motorsport International Raceway on August 30th. The season ended with fireworks at Laguna Seca. Corvette Racing has become one of the premier production sports car teams in the world. According to Fehan their bigger achievements in 2009 are their final races leading up to Le Mans, followed by the debut of the GT2 program. The whole team dedicated themselves to succeed and apparently the preparation was as much fun as the race. The introduction of the GT2 Corvette was a success and their main focus was on the core strengths of the Corvette Racing, preparation, durability and reliability. In five events they had zero mechanical issues and that was very encouraging. Unfortunately the specialists also had to test their safety systems in the accident Jan had at the Laguna Seca. At the moment is good to know they work and protect the driver. The impact was incredibly violent, but still Jan managed to walk away. After analyzing the chassis after the crash, the engineers discovered that the safety systems were working just as they were designed and the aluminum chassis did a great job absorbing the energy and protecting Jan from serious injury. Despite the severity of the crash, the crew had the No. 3 Corvette repaired and fully operational within a couple of weeks. A year ago there was a general agreement regarding a unified GT Class, which we will see in the ALMS in 2010. Back then, the intention was to base the FIA GT1 class on GT cars, with limited modifications to the engine and aerodynamics. GM Power-train has completed the initial dynamometer tests of the 5.5-liter small-block V8, and the race team has conducted the first track test with the new engine. The specialists plan to continue with the development of the 5.5-liter engine package and introduce it at Sebring in competition.