2009 Ferrari 458 Italia review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 , 08:07:31 byVeronica

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Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 will be unveiled at the next Frankfurt Motor Show. This is actually a massive leap forward in comparison with the previous mid-rear engine sports cars of the company. It is a synthesis of style, creative flair, passion and cutting-edge technology, characteristics for which Italy as a nation is well-known. This is why Ferrari chose to add the name of its homeland to the traditional figure representing the displacement and number of cylinders. The Ferrari 458 Italia is a completely new car from every point of view, engine, design, aerodynamics, handling, instrumentation and ergonomics. It benefits from the Formula 1 experience. This is particularly evident in the speed and precision with which the car responds to driver inputs and in the attention focused on reducing internal friction in the engine for lower fuel consumption than the F430, despite the fact that both overall displacement and power have increased. It features an innovative driving environment with a new kind of steering wheel and dashboard that is the direct result of racing practice. The 458 Italia has a compact aerodynamic shape, underscoring the simplicity, efficiency and lightness of the concept that inspired the project. The new 4499 cc V8 is the first Ferrari direct injection engine to be mid-rear mounted being capable of developing 540 Nm of torque. However, what is truly amazing is the amount of torque available while still maintaining high levels of power at low revs. Power is being sent to the wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission which increases performance whilst providing very smooth shifts even at full throttle. For the new chassis, engineers incorporated different types of advanced alloys along with aerospace industry-derived manufacturing and bonding techniques. The 458 Italia offers extremely rapid turn-in and body control, but maintaining superior ride comfort.