2009 Ford Fiesta (800 HP) Rally Car at Pikes Peak review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 22 July 2009 , 06:07:31 byDan

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Ford Fiesta (800 HP) Rally Car at Pikes Peak

The 2009 Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta managed to impress the driving duo Marcus Granholm and Andreas Erikson even if they have an incredible rally experience and a lot of championships between them. A morning practice session left the duo hungry for a second shot at the 12.4-mile course. In the same time they realized again that success at Pikes Peak is quite hard to get. They said they had some problems with the car, but because if very nice to drive they managed to overpass them without being affected. Even if the handling is perfect, they need a little bit of experience for this race to be competitive. They do know it will not be just a walk in the park. The two also said they tried to be tourists for a few days, but only till now. The holiday is over and it is time to work. It seems that the view is great up in the mountains, but from the race car the only things they can see, are the corners. The altitude is one of the big problems, the one that caused the problems they had in the morning. The two also said there was a problem with the transmission, but that the positive thinking made them keep calm. The competition they will have on Sunday is a very difficult one, but they will try to give their best. Practice will be very hard and demanding, especially on Friday. The drivers continue with the good attitude and let us hope this will help them during the competition. The 800 horsepower Fiestas will return on the track on Thursday morning for the second of three practice sessions. The 87th annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will start at 9.00 AM local time. This is the second oldest race in the United States.