2009 Ford Mustang FR500CJ Cobra Jet review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 4 November 2008 , 12:11:04 byVeronica

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Ford Mustang FR500CJ Cobra Jet

The first Ford Cobra Jet Mustang was released 40 years ago and now, in its honor, Ford Racing is introducing the 2008 Cobra Jet Mustang, a model that is now available for customers to race in NHRA sportsmen classes during the 2009 season. The model will be officially launched at the 2008 edition of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We are talking about a factory-built car that is NHRA-legal and ready for the drag strip. The original Cobra Jet Mustang was developed by Bob Tasca, the competition-oriented Ford dealer in Rhode Island. Tosca looked to the Ford parts shelf when he wanted to upgrade the engines on some of the Mustangs that he was selling. This is how he came up with the KR-8 conversion package for his performance customers. The FR500 series of Mustangs are race-ready cars, designed by Ford Racing engineers for performance-conscious customers that can be rolled out right off a truck and win in competition. The FR500C was unloaded for customers at the 2005 Grand-Am Rolex Series opening race in Daytona on a Wednesday. Just like that, the Ford Cobra Jet Mustang will get its start at the Auto Alliance International assembly plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, before being sent to a Ford supplier to have additional parts installed and for final preparations. All the additional parts and pieces can be found in the Ford Performance Parts catalog. There is more. As the Cobra Jet is produced from a base V6 Mustang, any customer can turn their Mustang into a Cobra Jet by purchasing the parts from the Ford Performance Part catalog. Under the hood it hides a 5.4-liter supercharged engine capable of generating 400 horsepower. All the output is being sent to the wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission. There is also an automatic one, offered as standard. The price will start at $69.900.