2009 Hyundai i10 Electric Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 21 September 2009 , 10:09:18 byAngela

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Hyundai i10 Electric Concept

Hyundai unveiled a new model at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the i10 Electric, 0 CO2 emission urban vehicle that will be built as limited edition. The model is capable of a driving range of 160 km on a single charge. Steering is performed by wire while an electrical vacuum pump provides braking power. The motor and battery cooling duties are now handled by an electric water pump while the air conditioning compressor is also an electric type. The i10 Electric focuses on a high efficient electric motor capable of developing 49 kW and a 16 kW battery. The model will incorporate advanced LiPoly batteries which are more durable and space-efficient than other batteries. They hold their charge 20 times longer and their self-discharge rate is less than a third of a NiMH battery. LiPoly has significant advantages over lithium-ion technology, including higher energy density and lower manufacturing costs. This type of technology also offers significant advantages in thermal robustness and safety compared with typical Li-Ion batteries. Another important key difference between the standard Li-Ionn batteries and the LiPoly solution offered by the carmaker is the overall superiority of LiPoly packaging. This last one is about 20% smaller than a Li-Ion battery pack, making it much easier to change the cell footprint to fit the nooks and crannies of available vehicle space. The specialists had to do a lot of tests to see how it behaves. In the end, the technology seems to have greater thermal and mechanical stability than existing systems, which mean it has better safety. The model is capable of reaching a top speed of 130 km/h thanks to the 49 kW and 210 Nm of torque output. The result were satisfying for the engineers.