2009 Reiter Lamborgini Gallardo LP560 GT3 review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 21 July 2009 , 07:07:21 byVeronica

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Reiter Lamborgini Gallardo LP560 GT3

Italian carmaker Lamborghini developed the REITER LP560 GT3 and after different test it seems to be more efficient than its victorious predecessor. The new model is based on the production Lamborghini LP560-4. It is equipped with a more powerful 5.2-liter V10 engine capable of developing 570 PS. An EFI Euro 12 ECU performs the engine management. To date a total of 49 units were sold to the worldwide customer base. According to Team Boss Hans Reiter, the new Lamborghini GT3 is clearly far superior in many aspects than its predecessor. The model is a lot lighter now and the reason for this is its unique light-weight design aluminum spaceframe-structure, which allows the chassis to be considerably lighter and extremely rigid torsionally. The front and rear body-work and the sills are also manufactured from lightweight carbon-fiber. According to Edward Turner the new GT3 suspension concept has as base its big brother the Reiter Murcielago R-GT which has proven its competitiveness in recent seasons. The fabricated race wishbones, CNC machined uprights a 24-hour race braking system and the multi-adjustable race suspension specially developed for the GT3 car underline this and are the foundation for the improved suspension geometry. The mid-engine concept offers the car excellent handling and forms the base for the perfect front to rear weight distribution of 43-57%. A Holinger race transmission ensures excellent power transmission. The fully programmable, electronic power management system is another technical innovation that eases handling and maintenance. During the concept and design phase the REITER development team produced the REITER Convertible Concept. It allows the GT3 car, available for EUR265.000 net to be converted to a full-spec GT2 race car cost-efficiently for around EUR30.000 net. The ones interested already placed their orders