2009 Lorinser package for Mercedes M-Class Facelift review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 30 September 2009 , 05:09:26 byAngela

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Lorinser package for Mercedes M-Class Facelift

The Mercedes M-Class received a sporty package from tuning specialists Sportservice Lorinser. The model features four-fin grill which ends on the lower edge of the fog lights and lets the car sit close to the tarmac. It also features a strongly contoured front spoiler with sports grill insert offering a stronger image. The tuner also offers special light-alloy wheels. Many designs are available both in black and silver and so the car can reveal a completely different character depending on the desires of the customer. At the rear of the vehicle the tuner offered a massive and plastic-formed rear spoiler.

Lorinser tunes the face-lifted Mercedes M-Class

A SUV fresh from the training camp

In fitting with its recent face-lift, Sportservice Lorinser provides the latest refreshed M-Class with a special sporty kick in the form of a newly designed aerodynamic package. The traditional vehicle tuner from Winnenden has specifically worked on the sporty character traits of the powerful SUV. Here the designers used a special trick: due to the components which have been moved much lower and thoroughly varnished, they brought the four-wheeler much closer to the tarmac. In particular the new Lorinser four-fin grill, which only ends on the lower edge of the fog lights, lets the whole vehicle sit so close to the tarmac that you can "feel" it. The strongly contoured front spoiler with the sports grill insert just above the underride protection strengthens the image of the steeled Autobahn attacker. At the same time round lines and curves break up the geometric front and provide an elegant note.

The Lorinser side sills underline laterally the muscular side of the M-Class: they extend the bodywork optically downwards - in particular with black colour the SUV seems to melt into the road. The contact with the road surface is actually provided by diverse Lorinser light-alloy wheels, as chosen by the customer, with which the owner can give his/her M-Class a special individual note. Many designs are available, both in black and silver, so that the vehicle can reveal a completely different character, depending on the customer`s wishes.

But not just the attack and midfield of Lorinser M-Class is first-class. At the back Lorinser has brought in a massive and plastic-formed rear spoiler. With a sports grill and the underride protection moved much lower, it promises a dominant playing strategy with the strong seriesstandard petrol and diesel engines of the M-Class: one step on the accelerator and the four massive Lorinser exhaust pipes provide the starting whistle.