2009 Inden-Design White Angel Mercedes SL 65 AMG 680hp Conversion review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 17 March 2009 , 10:03:02 byAngela

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Inden-Design White Angel Mercedes SL 65 AMG 680hp Conversion

White Angel - sounds harmless, be sure - it isn`t!

We mean the complete redesign of a SL65 AMG built in 2005 to the new current design of 2008. Inden-Design only used Original-AMG parts for the redesign!

After this modification the car introduce itself with impressive high-tech components. The complete front-, rear- and bodyside lines now appear in a new brightness - just like: the headlights, the bonnet and the front- and rear valance, based on the design of the new SL-2008. At the rear valance they attached a carbon rear diffusor and a sport exhaust system in the new look of the original SL65 AMG. So now the complete redesigned car is hardly to discern.

But this is not everything we changed.

The 3-parts aluminium rims are sized 10,5Ã-19 inches at the front suspension and 11,5Ã-19 inches at the rear suspension.

The high performance tires are sized 255/30-19 and 305/25-19.

The tires are spinning curtly near the plate after a light of the wheel arch border, also as a result of the lowering. The ABC-sports running gear became optimized rather downcast by the Inden-Design-controller.

The exclusive and powerful engine performance emphasizes the technological ambition which was committed to this project. If you kick down the accelerator, a storm is brewing, which is rapidly deplated. The Inden-Design modificated

AMG-engine is suited for full acceleration and also for relaxed cruising. The engine, which is arranged with a re-engineered turbo charger, a increasingly powerful intercoole, an extra gear oil cooler and an engine improvement over a engine electronics, now proud carry out 680 HP.

For the interior of the White Angel indene design uses a sports valance from the Black Series model in Alcantara.