2009 Novitec Rosso TuLesto 777 hp 20th Anniversary review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 17 April 2009 , 12:04:11 byAngela

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Novitec Rosso TuLesto 777 hp 20th Anniversary

The world's most exclusive high-end sports car is embodied by the Novitec Rosso TuLesto 20th Anniversary which boasts a spectacular design. It is a limited edition model, to only eleven units, being an uncompromising high-performance concept that marks the company`s 20th anniversary. It weighs just 1,260 kilograms and features a width of 204 centimeters. The vehicle is powered by a V8 engine integrating dual superchargers and delivering a power output of 777 HP/571.8 kW and a top speed of 350 km/h. Driving performance is thus obtained with a 0-100 km/h sprint covered in less than 3.4 seconds, while 22.6 seconds are necessary for the car to reach 300 km/h. NOVITEC managing director Wolfgang Hagedorn, stated that, due to the NOVITEC TuLesto, they managed to transform their collective know-how from two decades of automobile tuning into an uncompromising high-performance sports car for eleven of their long-time customers from around the world. He added that the TuLesto offered a perfect symbiosis of exceptional driving dynamics and aerodynamically efficient styling. When the project started, the lightweight construction was a primary goal with the designers choosing the materials that are to be found in racecars. The cooperation between NOVITEC and the Italian design studio Luca Serafini Stile in Modena, resulted in the striking design of this car. The dimensions of the TuLesto are 122 centimeters of height, 204 centimeters of width and 462 centimeters of length. An optimal aerodynamic balance is created by the calibrated curves of the fenders, the front apron, the smooth underbody and the shape of the rear. Carbon-fiber paddles placed behind the steering wheel shift the six gears of the semi-automatic gearbox with integrated anti-slip differential. The engineers from NOVITEC used the racing technology when developing the suspension, which features height-adjustable struts with various selectable damping rates, and adjustable sway bars. Furthermore, the ultra-light light-alloy wheels with diameters of 20 or 21 inches, represent another elementary contribution to the high level of driving dynamics of the NOVITEC TuLesto. Comfort is also provided by the sporty nature of the interior design, with a climate-control system and a high-end sound system.