2009 500 HP SharkWerks 3.9L Engine Kit for Porsche GT3 review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 7 October 2009 , 05:10:44 byAngela

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500 HP SharkWerks 3.9L Engine Kit for Porsche GT3

Shark Werks developed a tuning kit for the Porsche GT3. This engine kit includes a Piston and cylinder kit of 3.9-liter, head stud kit, spec intake and exhaust camshafts. The aftermarket specialists provided EVOMSit engine software for 91 Octane or 93 Octane and a center exhaust kit. The list continues with cam tower gaskets, head gaskets and cylinder base gaskets. The tuner also offers a second option for the ones that want more.

SharkWerks/EVO Piston & Cylinder Kit - 3.9L
SharkWerks/EVO Head Stud Kit
SharKWerks/EVO Spec Intake & Exhaust Camshafts
EVOMSit Engine Software for 91 Octane or 93 Octane
Exhaust: SharkWerks Center Exhaust Kit (SharkWerks/EVO Light-Weight Cup-Style System also available at extra cost)

Top End Build Kit:
-Cylinder Base Gaskets
-Head Gaskets
-Cam Tower Gaskets

Billet Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley
Lightweight RS Flywheel Conversion (not required for RS model cars)

Option 2 (for higher mileage cars we also provide a bottom end build at additional cost)
Balance Rotating Assembly:
Bottom End Rebuild Kit:
-Main Bearings
-#8 Nose Bearing
-Rear Main Seal