2009 SPI 997 SLEDGEHAMMER 1000 hp Porsche Conversion Package review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 9 January 2009 , 12:01:44 byVeronica

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SPI 997 SLEDGEHAMMER 1000 hp Porsche Conversion Package

As some of you already know, Tym Switzer has been quietly running Switzer Performance Innovations in Ohio for several years. Here the specialists have been building show-quality exhausts and bolt-on performance products for twin-turbo Porsche 996 and 997 models. Tym wanted to test the limits of would be possible with stock 997 internals. Next on their agenda is the SLEDGEHAMMER. Its name comes from the candid comment from an SPI tech and it is a bolt-on performance package for 997 twin-turbo Porsches that is capable of generating more than 850 all-wheel horsepower on race fuel and we all know that this means more than 1.000 horsepower at the crank. This performance is not really to obtain, and even the specialists admit it. During the building process of the SLEDGEHAMMER, the engineers have seen every part of the system, constantly metering and they have tested every component. In the end, they have obtained an amazing car. After a test of the first SLEDGEHAMMER, the specialists have registered almost 195 mph at the Texas mile. With this output the engine is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.0 seconds and in less than5 seconds to130 mph. we have to admit that these figures are really impressive. Besides the extensive ECU tuning, the SLEDGEHAMMER package includes in-house developed headers and sport exhaust, but also a Monster intercooler package and SPI-massaged GT30R turbo engines. If you are interested in finding out more on the matter, please check out their official web site. The SLEDGEHAMMER package can be obtained for $49.990 and it is available through SPI. Well, this is all we can offer you so far on the matter.