2009 Switzer Performance L5 PKG P800 997 Twin-Turbo review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 1 August 2009 , 11:08:52 byAngela

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Switzer Performance L5 PKG P800 997 Twin-Turbo

Aftermarket specialists from Switzer Performance introduced their 800 horsepower package for the Porsche GT2 back in June. Just imagine it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. Unlike the GT2, the 997TT-based P800 does not require a new intake manifold or upgraded throttle-body. This package is very easy to install and also saves the customer some money unlike a model-specific intake manifold developed by Porsche for the GT2 which worked perfectly with the stock VTG, but did not work fir the GT30Rs. The new developed 800 horsepower P800 package for the 997TT by Switzer includes different elements like electronic boost control, GT30R turbos, an upgraded carbon clutch package and competitive-style exhaust and headers. This is not all the tuners have to offer. The list continues with MONSTER intercoolers and ECU software. The ones interested should know that the package is available through Switzer Performance dealers and here is where more information is available. The engineers managed to do a very good job with this Porsche.

800 hp Switzer L5 PKG for 997TT

When Tym Switzer and his crew at Ohio-based Switzer Performance introduced their 800 hp P800 package for Porsche`s track-focused GT2 back in June, a number of inquiries expressed significant interest in the package, but a number of customers asked if they could get the same level of power from the AWD 997TT.

Switzer`s answer was a resounding "Yes!", which brings us to the car pictured here - an 800 hp, all-wheel drive "Yes!" that takes advantage of the 997`s superior traction and shorter gearing to deliver staggering acceleration figures. Think sub 3-second 0-60 runs and 1/4 mile times consistently under 10.5, and you start to get the idea: this car is a monster.

"The P800 kit for the GT2 evolved from the SLEDGEHAMMER project car that ran in the 9`s last year," offers Tym, "that was a race-gas package, but as the program developed, we were able to move to a more streetable package and keep the factory DME, unlike the SLEDGEHAMMER, which used a stand-alone system. Other than that, everything that made the SLEDGEHAMMER so special is still right there in the P800 GT2, and it`s still right there in this 997."

Switzer`s P800 997 package apes their GT2 package`s use of custom GT30 turbochargers with custom billet compressor wheels on ball-bearing center sections in lightweight stainless housings, the heat generated by the turbocharged six is still dissipated by Switzer`s own MONSTER intercoolers, and Switzer`s own DME calibrations still keep everything copacetic. Unlike the GT2, however, the 997TT-based P800 does not require a new intake manifold or upgraded throttle-body. Switzer explains, "Porsche developed a model-specific intake manifold for the GT2, which worked perfectly with the stock VTGs, but didn`t flow enough for the GT30Rs. The 997TT just doesn`t have that problem, which is great because it`s easier to install, and saves the customer some money, too."

Switzer`s 800 hp P800 package for the 997TT includes Switzer`s competition-style exhaust and headers, an upgraded carbon clutch package, electronic boost control, and the previously mentioned GT30R turbos, MONSTER intercoolers, and ECU software. This package is available now through Switzer Performance dealers. Contact Switzer dealers for more.