2009 Switzer Porsche GT2 tuning package (800hp) review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 9 June 2009 , 20:06:45 byVeronica

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Switzer Porsche GT2 tuning package (800hp)

Switzer Announces GT2 Porsche Tuning PKGs to 800HP

2009 has been a busy year for Switzer Performance. In January, Switzer`s thousand-horsepower, 9-second SLEDGEHAMMER project car introduced the world to the Ohio-based tuning house, which followed up its debut act in February when a number of Switzer`s customer cars run 10 second 1/4 miles in 700 hp fully-automatic 997 turbo Porsches. March saw the introduction of Switzer`s Nissan R35 GTR performance upgrades, good for up to 800 hp on 93 octane pump gas.

This week, Tym Switzer is introducing his latest customer-ready performance packages for Porsche`s outstanding 997 GT2. The new GT2 packages range from a simple software revision to Switzer`s comprehensive flagship offering: the $39,000, 800 hp GT2 PKG shown (installed) in these pictures. "This 800 horsepower pump-gas package has evolved from those first SLEDGEHAMMER builds," explains Tym, "but unlike the SLEDGEHAMMER, which used a stand-alone system, we`ve been able to keep the factory DME, making this a true bolt-on package. Everything else that went into the SLEDGEHAMMER builds is in this package, running on pump 93."

Switzer`s 800 hp GT2 package makes use of custom Garret GT30R-based turbochargers with custom billet compressor wheels on ball-bearing center sections in lightweight stainless turbine housings. Switzer`s upgraded turbos compress massive amounts of air, while generating heat than the stock units - heat which is channeled to the engine through Switzer`s own MONSTER intercoolers. The engine itself is fed air and fuel through larger injectors and a custom intake plenum with an oversized throttle-body. All this hardware is managed by the stock ECU, running Switzer-specific DME software calibrations. Perhaps the most controversial part of Switzer`s package, however, is the exhaust system. Switzer`s GT2 exhales through a GT2-specific version of the company`s existing 997 TT exhaust. "As much as we would have liked to stick with the GT2`s titanium canister, there was just no way to hit our power goal on pump gas with the stock system. It was just too restrictive and not designed to handle this much airflow."

Switzer`s stated goal for the GT2 project was 800 crank horsepower on 93 octane pump gas with an efficient, linear power curve that efficiently put power to the ground and didn`t punish the driver with sudden spikes in torque and power. One look at the final dyno results reveals those goals have been met. "We were very happy to hit our target numbers, of course, but the best part is that the car is still so manageable on the street, at this power level. It is an everyday hyper-performing exotic, and I can`t wait to get it out on the track and see how it performs in the hands of a pro driver."

The Switzer Performance 800 hp GT2 Porsche package is available now through Switzer Performance dealers.