2009 SEAT Ibiza UK Black Limtied Edition review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 26 February 2009 , 16:02:29 byVeronica

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SEAT Ibiza UK Black Limtied Edition

When it comes to paintjobs on cars, the trends are set already and the most pleasant color is black. This trend is followed by the Spanish car producer Seat and they launched on the market the black Seat Ibiza in a special limited edition that becamed in short time one of the most popular automobiles for young drivers. Inspired by the Ibiza 5dr 1.4 Sport, the new limited edition is very limited, only 150 models were manufactured. The look is very attractive, because is super chic and elegant with many features that could make a lucky client feel great while driving it.

The look is absolutely gorgeous on this one thanks to the well designed bumpers, front and back, the new spoiler and the arch filling 17" alloys. The black color is present not only in the paint job, but the rear windows are dark tined too, offering an elegant and mysterious look.

The great part is that the Spanish company did not neglect the performance and safety, because of the look. The Seat Ibiza Black Limited edition has all the features of a normal but reliable Ibiza 5dr Sport. The technology that can be found underneath the hood in the limited edition Ibiza is the same that Seat has offered to all their pleased customers.

The feature for a confortable driving could not miss from this fine car. For all of you that like to drive in the hot summer, the air conditioning system is available and if you canít stand this way of cooling down the alternative are the four electric windows. The audio system is present as well with six speakers and steering column-mounted remote controls and Aux-in socket. Beside that, with the standard fit kit you will get leather elements, electrically adjustable mirrors, integrated fog lights and trip computer for the price of £12,345.

As for the safety features you will get airbags that will keep you away from danger in case of impact. The front passage and the driver will be protected by head and thorax front side airbag and the safe belt are installed for every passage of the car.

For the mechanical part the producers of Ibiza Black Limited Edition have bring us free-revving 1.4-litre 85 PS engine and a five speed manual gearbox which will make the driving more intense and realistic. The top speed of this car is 108 mph or 170 km/h and it can sprint up to 62 mph (100 km/h) in only 12 seconds. As a bonus, this car is environmentally friendly, its CO2 emissions being below 150 g/km.

This car is specially designed for young drivers, who want to keep the maintaining and insurance costs as low as possible, but in the same time to keep the special looks and style that is required by the new trends.