2009 Techart Porsche Cayenne Diesel review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 8 July 2009 , 02:07:31 byDan

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Techart Porsche Cayenne Diesel

TECHART developed a new tuning program for the Porsche Cayenne Diesel improving performance and styling. Upgrades covering everything from sports-orientated engine and chassis conversions to luxury interiors and aerodynamic styling are available in the UK from Porsche specialists Tech9 Motorsport. The upgrade range offered by TECHART has been developed to provide subtle enhancements to power, handling and styling, complemented by a range of interior trim options that can take the vehicle from comfortable to opulent. Each component is designed and manufactured to the same high standards as the original equipment and integration with the vehicle is engineered to ensure that safety and durability remain at the very high levels originally specified by Porsche. The Aerokit 1 includes a new front panel with a deeper front spoiler, and additional cooling vents to help keep temperatures under control during consistently hard driving. All exterior styling components are manufactured from polyurethane to ensure long term durability and to provide a smooth, high quality appearance. The kit also includes a unique TECHART suspension control module that lowers the vehicle, reducing roll and further improving aerodynamics. The 3.0-liter diesel engine is now capable of developing 213 kW and 630 Nm of torque up from 176 kW and 550 Nm of torque. After the modification the engine enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds. The price for the Aerokit starts at EUR53.000 or with Aerokit 1 and Powerkit TA055/D1 at 55.500. Both packs are available individually as well. TECHART supplies power-trains, styling, interior and chassis enhancements for the full range of current and recent Porsche models. The company was formed in 1987 to create vehicles that blend advanced technology with artistic excellence and is registered as an independent manufacturer.