2010 Aston Martin Cygnet Concept review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 2 March 2010 , 19:03:39 byAngela

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Aston Martin Cygnet Concept

British carmaker Aston Martin developed the Cygnet Concept, a luxury commuter car. The model enhances the marque, pointing to a future of ongoing innovation, design and technology. An Aston Martin model will always deliver the pleasure and exhilaration of driving combined with an appreciation of craftsmanship, design and technology. The specialists are also about innovation, forging new links and associations, bringing the qualities of the brand to new sectors of the market. The Cygnet Concept represents the natural choice for those customers looking for a premium commuter car. This project has required a close intellectual and engineering partnership, resulting in an inventive solution that unites volume and niche automotive engineering. The emotional design will remain at the base of the Aston Martin strategy. The Cygnet Concept exemplifies this latter attribute, demonstrating the high levels of detail design and craft that are integral to every Aston Martin, presented within a compact and highly advanced technological package. On the inside, the model and all sports cars for that matter feature rich blend of hand-stitched leather, Alcantara and aluminum. The detailed craftsmanship offers each Aston Martin a unique feel, bringing together detailed design work, high technology and exquisitely tactile materials. The new Cygnet Concept is a highly intelligent solution to urban mobility. It is also innovative and forward-thinking, a genuine solution to future mobility and a natural partner for the lineup of acclaimed luxury sports cars developed by the British carmaker Aston Martin. Chief Executive of the company said that their past, their future and their backbone will always remain sports cars, but that the Cygnet Concept will support this by offering customers a greater degree of freedom in the urban context.