2010 Cargraphic Aston Martin Rapide review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 , 10:04:15 byVeronica

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Cargraphic Aston Martin Rapide

The tail diffuser, the wing mirror caps, as well as the spoiler at the front apron enhance the looks of the new 2010 Cargraphic Aston Martin Rapide.
Cargraphic also outfitted the vehicles with new tyres and rims, 255/35R21 for the front and 295/30R21 for the back.

Rapide Retouching

Cargraphic presents unique view of the new, four-door Aston Martin

With the spectacular arrival of the Rapide, Aston Martin, the legendary car manufacturer has taken opportunity to present the first four-door since the blessed Lagonda. The captivating body design, 350 kW/477 PS and 600 Nm torque from 12 cylinders speaks for itself. That this "picture" of a sports sedan could still take a few brush strokes, is proven by the traditional company Cargraphic, with a first photo retouching.

Optically it is very discreet considering that 2010 marks their 25th anniversary. The tail diffuser, the wing mirror caps, as well as the spoiler at the front apron intervene carefully and nevertheless effectively with the original line. Acoustically Cargraphic goes right up against it and presents a remote controlled high-grade steel flap exhaust with a polished shield - the Stradivarius of mufflers, so to speak. This masterpiece is manufactured in the company`s own exhaust factory in England. In order to ensure the lowest possible exhaust counter-pressure a 200-cell catalyst is employed, which should squeeze a bit of extra horse power out of the V12 engine.

Cargraphic have gone for optimum traction with their choice of tyre dimensions, 255/35R21 are designated up front and at the back, 295/30R21. Under the soft shell is a hard core, the light alloy wheel Cargraphic GT-R. The optically fascinating wheel rims with their muscular aspirations harmonise perfectly with the silhouette of the powerful Aston Martin Rapide. Alternatively, further attractive rim designs are available with GT, I-10 and SPORT. The complete repertoire covers sizes between 20 and 22 inch and permits optionally a free choice of colours. It is thus high time to make an appointment to experience driving pleasure with the Aston Martin Rapide and Cargraphic - performance tuning with real heritage.