2010 Anderson Germany Audi R8 V10 Racing Edition review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 8 November 2010 , 12:11:09 byVeronica

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Anderson Germany Audi R8 V10 Racing Edition

ANDERSON GERMANY released a new tunning program for Audi R8, offering an exciting car body design together with sportive accessories. Quality down to the minutest detail is the leading principle of ANDERSON GERMANY, a fact proven by the R8 performance kit. A particular feature is represented by the serial light alloy wheels with the lateral surfaces in carbon coating, the bordering in racing orange and they are dimensioned 8.5x19 and 11x19 with tires 235-3519 / 295-30 R19. A valve commanded sports exhaust system which warrants for a weight below 17 kg, with sports air filter and racing cats, is an important part of the upgrade. The sportive-dynamic look continues in its interior, where a unique feeling is provided by premium class matt carbon-leather equipment and the carbon interior packet which includes radio frame, door trims, ashtray, steering wheel and hand brake knob.

Anderson Germany Audi R8 V10 Racing Edition

The brand of ANDERSON GERMANY is known worldwide, if it matters the tuning of sports cars or luxury sedans. With its new tuning program for Audi R8 the Dusseldorf enterprise offers some sportive accessories and an exciting car body design.

According to the powerful appearance of the R8, ANDERSON GERMANY use serial light alloy rims dimensioned 8.5x19 and 11x19 with tires 235-3519 / 295-30 R19. The special particularity of these one part wheels is the carbon coating of the lateral surfaces and the bordering in racing orange.

Nevertheless, the basic principle of ANDERSON GERMANY is its producer quality right down to the minutest detail. This is shown also in an impressionating way by the R8 performance kit. The upgrade contains also a valve commanded sports exhaust system, warranting for a weight lowering of 17 Kg (37 lb.), with racing cats and sports air filter, as well as a new engine power management. Thereof result 585 HP (525 HP serial), and the final velocity additionally increases by about 12 kmph/7.5 mph in comparison with the serial values.

The appearance of this impressionating car is dominated by its sportive-dynamic look - from outside, as well as in the interior. The ANDERSON GERMANY aerodynamic kit comprehends a brutal carbon front apron and rear spoiler for the downforce improvement, warranting for a persuading look and optimizing in the same time the aerodynamics of the vehicle by its agile design. Furthermore, the exterior racing packet is topped by a carbon diffusor, rear window bordering and carbon mirrors.

The interior shows the gathered since many years experience of the ANDERSON GERMANY manufacturers. So, among others, the high class matt carbon-leather equipment with orange rhombus-shaped seams and the carbon interior packet (door trims, radio frame, ashtray, gear stick frame, hand brake knob, steering wheel) give a unique fine feeling.