2010 Audi Q7 S-Line widebody kit by JE Design review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 27 July 2010 , 12:07:55 byVeronica

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Audi Q7 S-Line widebody kit by JE Design

The Audi Q7 S-Line received a wide-body kit from JE Design. After the modifications, the Q7 is transformed into an SUV with enormous road presence and increased overtaking power. The 3.0-liter standard diesel version develops 233 horsepower and thanks to the engine optimizing, it is now capable of developing 285 horsepower and from 500 Nm to 550 Nm of torque. This output enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds in comparison with the 9.1 seconds needed for the standard version. The new software for the engine control unit is provided by JE DESIGN for only EUR1499. This price also includes a one-year warranty on the motor, turbocharger, gearbox and drive-train. The assertive road presence is achieved by the wide body design. The transformation covers the front spoiler corners which JE DESIGN offers for the Q7 S-Line in pairs, with and without the wide body kit, the twelve-part flared wheel arch kit including the door trim and the rear bumper extension with lozenge-shaped double exhaust outlets on both sides. At the rear, the spoiler tail unit ensures the required down-force and puts the finishing touch to the uncompromising exterior. Inside the extended wheel arches, the SUV-Select 10x22-inch light alloy wheels in particular attract the attention. The wheel spacers move the wheels at the front 60 mm and on the rear axle 80 mm outwards so that they fit flush with the wider body. The combination of 22-inch wheels, the lowering and increase in performance demonstrates the high standards set by the customizer from Leingarten. The tuner supplies all components with the appropriate certificate to ensure registration in the documents of the car. The tires offered by the tuner to cover the wheels have a starting price of EUR 5.190.