2010 Citroen C3 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 29 June 2009 , 13:06:40 byDan

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Citroen C3

Citroen has developed the new C3 to replace a bestseller that has sold more than 2 million units. The new model is packed with seductive features: tauter styling, high-class trim, intelligent architecture creating exceptional interior space. The new Citroen C3 will be ideal as the main family car or core fleet vehicle. To guarantee optimum reliability and iron out the last imperfections, it will be put through more than 2 million kilometers if on-road testing before the market release. The styling and refinement of the new model are seductive. The specialists used high-class materials such as the thermo-coated dash, highlighted by a cross strip in satin grey or gloss brushed aluminum, and chrome detailing. The C3 takes trim level and quality to a new dimension. This is one of the most compact vehicles in its segment. The model has 300 liters of optimized boot capacity, different storage spaces, and medium-height seats facilitating access and visibility, and optimized interior space, offering more knee room. The carmaker offered the Zenith windscreen. Combined with slimmer pillars, the Zenith gives all occupants a sense of unlimited, high-definition vision. The saloon with the biggest windscreen and the smallest roof on the market delivers more new driving sensations. The model offers more visibility and light, more safety and driving pleasure. The new Citroen C3 will offer more dynamic road handling, it is as comfortable on the open road as in the city, and has managed to keep a slim figure by not putting on any weight. The new C3 manages its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions intelligently. The engineers have equipped it with the Start & Stop system and it uses five- and six-speed electronic gearboxes to send the power to the wheels.