2010 Aznom Fiat 500 Sassicaia review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 7 April 2010 , 10:04:36 byVeronica

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Aznom Fiat 500 Sassicaia

The Aznom Fiat 500 SASSICAIA comes with a two-tone exterior finish and a beige mat fabric hood.
The Aznom Fiat 500 SASSICAIA uses wood for the door mirror caps, the handle of the luggage compartment and the side moldings.
The interior features full-grain leather on the door panels, steering wheel, console and seats.

Aznom, a well known italian tuner, will produce a limited selection of modifications for the Fiat 500. The modification will be made at interior and exterior and the car will cost 7900 Euro.

In honor of one of the best known and appreciated Italian wines in the world, Sassicaia, Aznom has created a special display for the 500 convertible, featuring a touch of wood for interior and exterior, and a special two-tone paint finish.

The 500 Sassicaia, which takes its name from the fine Tuscan wines of Tenuta San Guido, immediately capturing the attention of the special beige mat used for the two-tone body paint and fabric hood. A closer look can only note the details in fine wood exterior, the material chosen for the door mirror caps, the handle of the luggage compartment and side moldings, stamped with the logo questultime Sassicaia. The essence selected is a strong reminder of the oak barrels in which wine is aged excellent Sassicaia.

The exteriors have been further enhanced by a number of parts made by casting such as polished brass medallion with the arms of the Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta and the upright side plate delledizione limited indicating the sequence number assigned allautovettura, on the tailgate of the trunk.

Inside the car we find the cure for the design and the quality of the materials that have always distinguished the Aznom in each realization. The company Monza has taken a full-grain leather tan-colored alternative to dark brown to cover the door panels, steering wheel, the windshield of the instrumentation and seats, further enhanced by the beige jacquard fabric with monogram Sassicaia Sassicaia embroidered on the seat and arms on the back. Once again we find the wood, a distinctive feature of this exhibition, which completely covers the dashboard of the car, valued Sassicaia logo engraved fire.

Complete fitting kit bags Aznom collection of Grand Tour Sassicaia, which includes the top box and bag, which are conveniently located inside the trunk of a small convertible. The set, made in the same Jacquard fabric and leather interior Tuscan contributes to a traditional feel, yet very contemporary staging 500 Sassicaia.

The 500 Aznom of Sassicaia is made in limited request.