2010 404 bhp Ford Focus RS by BBR review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 , 20:08:54 byAlina

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404 bhp Ford Focus RS by BBR

The American model Ford Focus RS MK2 received a tuning package from BBR. After 18 months of meticulous testing and development, BBR is confident no other Ford tuning company in the world has more complete track, road and dyno tested range of conversion for the Focus RS MK2. With a huge improvement in throttle response, the mid range torque and peak horsepower are substantially enhanced, with no visibly obvious mechanical changes. The ECU, fuel, ignition, torque, airflow and boost requirements are carefully re-mapped for all conditions. The tuner is confident that this ECU remap represents the finest blend of drivable performance for track and road. After applying the phase one of the modifications, the model is capable of developing 342 horsepower and 369 lb. ft. of torque. The kit is priced at GBP595 and customers should allow 2 hours for installation. They also offer a DIY kit. Phase two replaces the standard inefficient intercooler if the RS MK2 with the high flow unit developed by BBR. Now, the Focus RS develops 355 horsepower and 378 lb. ft. of torque and the price was established for GBP1.245 with a fitting charge of GBP195. Also a DIY kit is available. Phase three conversion extracts the maximum safe power from the original turbo unit of the MK2. The tuner modifies the fuel system to cope with the higher demands required at this boos level, using larger fuel injectors. In phase three the car develops 382 horsepower and 388 lb. ft. of torque and the total price is GBP2.495 with a fitting charge of GBP345. Phase four is for those customers looking for a genuine 400 BHP upgrade. Now, the RS original turbocharger is replaced with our higher flow motorsport spec item and further modifications are made to the fuel system. With these modifications, the model is capable of producing 404 horsepower and 408 lb. ft. of torque. The established price is GBP3.895 with a fitting price of GBP595.