2010 Ford Transit Connect Taxi review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 10 February 2010 , 14:02:29 byDan

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Ford Transit Connect Taxi

American carmaker Ford developed the Transit Connect taxi, a model that will go into production and arrive in dealerships later this year as a 2011 vehicle. The engineers will introduce engine prep packages on all models, base and taxi, allowing conversion to efficient, clean-burning compressed natural gas or propane. The interior is perfectly suited for taxi service and conversion to CNG and LPG. Ford will provide required calibration specifications for the CNG and LPG conversion that can actually be completed without voiding the warranty of the engine. Since October 2009, CNG prep packages have been available on E-Series vans with 5.4-liter and 6.8-liter gas engines. With its open architecture, the taxi provides excellent interior headroom and passenger visibility. To maximize comfort, the rear seats have been moved back three inches. Additional climate control ventilation has been added for rear seat passengers. Extra installation of technology and other taxi modifications such as roof signage and the optional seating partition are handled by taxi up-fitters in local markets. Ford was actually the first manufacturer to introduce gas-electric hybrid-powered taxis into North American fleets with the launch of the Ford Escape Hybrid in San Francisco. The Transit Connect Taxi including gasoline-powered versions and those modified to operate on CNG/LPG is designed to meet the extreme demands of taxi service. Thanks to its 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission, the conventionally powered Transit Connect is expected to deliver an estimated 30% improvement in fuel economy over many of the traditional taxies today. The combination of the Transit Connect Taxi with its capability for CNG / LPG conversion, demonstrates its flexibility once more. Ford is actually collaborating with Creative Mobile Technologies to integrate premier payment processing and passenger information technologies in their new and incredible vehicle.