2010 Ferrari F10 review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 2 February 2010 , 15:02:04 byVeronica

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Ferrari F10

The F10 model developed by Ferrari is the 56th single-seat car built specifically to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship. This project represents the Scuderia interpretation of the technical and sporting regulations which apply this year. The rule classifications issued by the FIA during the course of last season as regards the diffuser, have opened up new scenarios for the designers in terms of freeing up this area, thus presenting the opportunity to deliver potentially great performance advantages. The new F10 was conceived with the aim of maximizing the aerodynamic performance of the double diffuser. The engine mountings to the chassis have been modified is a specific way and also the shape of the gearbox casing and the rear suspension layout were redesigned. A further tapering has been achieved thanks to a revised and unconventional configuration of the exhausts. The race required a redesign of the basic characteristics of the braking system, carried out in conjunction with Brembo, as well as a new design for the relevant cooling system. Safety levels have been increased thanks to the introduction of new crash tests for the rear bulkhead and the cell with a full load. It has led to a redistribution of the accessories in the 056 engine, which is again mounted longitudinally in the F10 as a load bearing member. The 2010 tires are smaller, but will also feature different compounds and construction to those of last year. They will be used for the first time during the February tests, which are limited to 15 days. These test sessions will be very important to validate the work done in terms of fuel consumption and all the new rule changes that have been introduced. Before its track debut, the F10 underwent an intensive dynamic and static bench test program. Significant developments on all areas of the car are built into the program, not just in the run up to the opening round in Bahrain, but throughout the year.