2010 Kia POP EV Concept (Video) review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 2 October 2010 , 07:10:05 byVeronica

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Kia POP EV Concept (Video)

A chrome-coloured, three-metre-long three-seater with an electric drivetrain, oblong-shaped side windows and front-hinged doors is Kia POP concept, which continuously manages to surprise people.
Gregory Guillaume, Kia Europe's Chief Designer stated to the present audience that the car acted as a loose nucleus, looking even further into the future. There certainly is something unique and unconventional about the POP. The striking side-window design, the high-tech feel of the dot-pattern grille and taillights, the full-length glass roof, and the simplistic, clean look of the wheels - all point to inspiration derived from outside the usual automotive spheres.The seats are designed to be non-automotive. They're very pure, very simple, almost furniture-like. The front bench is sculpted, with interesting, flowing lines and, because it's an electric car without a conventional engine. The POP is also in fact a fully-electric, zero-emissions vehicle with a 50kW, 190Nm motor and a single-charge range of 160km. It's powered by highly efficient, compact lithium polymer gel batteries and is fully rechargeable in just six hours.
Considering where it was built in secret, in Paris, and starting from the designer-furniture-style seats to the tri-colour exterior one has no trouble envisaging hundreds of POPs driven by fashion-conscious urbanites darting around the French capital's trendy boulevards and avenues.