2010 Kicherer E 50 Coupe based on Mercedes E-Class Coupe review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 11 March 2010 , 11:03:35 byVeronica

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Kicherer E 50 Coupe based on Mercedes E-Class Coupe

The new E 50 coupe that has as base the Mercedes E-Class received a tuning package from Kicherer. Before the modifications, the model was capable of developing 388 PS and 530 Nm of torque. By means of software update and a sports exhaust system the performance of the V8 was increased by 42 PS and 20 Nm of torque. So, now it is capable of developing 430 horsepower and this enables the car to reach a top speed of 330 km/h. At the rear it features an incredible exhaust system. The interior also features different elements added by the tuner to create a perfect balance between elegance and dynamism. The model runs on RS-1 20-inch wheels.

Kicherer E 50 Coupe Performance: Elegant Dynamism

The new ex-works 500 E-class coupe is in itself not underpowered. With 388 PS and 530 Nm torque it`s the currently most powerful production model coupe that the company can offer its customers. However, those who like it a touch more dynamic can find what they want with the traditional refiner Kicherer in Stockach. Engineers, technicians and designers have taken on the E-Class derivative and accentuated it in all things sporty, technically and optically. By means of an software update and a sports exhaust system the performance of the V8 was increased by 42 PS and 20 Newtonmetres. So taht the 430 horsepower can freely run the V/max block was raised from 250 km/h to xxx km/h. In addition after the alteration the speedometer can reach speeds of up to 330 km/h.

In order to give the aerodynamics the final polish with regards to performance and looks a "Kicherer Performance Series Package" was employed. This set comprises a front lip, side skirts, a rear diffusor and special mirror casings. All components are made of top quality and ultra-light carbon. The same can also be said of the optionally available three-bladed sports grill.

At the rear both eye and ear can delight in every sense in a lovely exhaust system. On the one hand it is convincing with ist modern, almost rectangular tail pipe design and on the other hand it produces an exciting but not obtrusive sound.

The elegant side view of the coupe is perfected by the sportily filigree Kicherer RS-1 20 inch wheels, behind which you get hints of the braking power of the 6 and 6 piston high performance brake system. With its composite discs and modified flexible steel tubes this ensures a suitable negative acceleration.

The noble interior with its interior elements and entry strips in epoxy resin laqueur complements the outer appearance of the Kicherer E50 Coupe. Thus Kicherer has been able to create an almost perfect balance between dynamism and elegance.