2010 Lamborghini LP 640 JB-R by JB Car Design review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 13 October 2009 , 16:10:04 byAlina

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Lamborghini LP 640 JB-R by JB Car Design

The Lamborghini LP 640 LB-R, a fascinating sports car, received a tuning package from JB Car Design. Under the hood it hides a 12-cylinder engine capable of developing 710 horsepower. There is no doubt that thanks to the upgrade offered by the tuner the bar was raised for competition in the section super sports cars with its increased performance up to 710 respectively 750 horsepower and his VIP-finished in Blood to Black Diamond. The appearance was also improved. The patent registered finish is only available through JB Car Design. It costs EUR280.000 per liter and is limited to 911 liter worldwide, whereby the exclusivity is guaranteed. The entire interior was color adjusted to the exterior by using high quality materials in combination with dark red Ultra-suede and black smooth leather in bi-color as well as little extras made of carbon fiber. In the curves you can really feel the fun. This is why JB Car design has intensified the abrasion by using their own aerodynamic-package consisting of front- and rear spoiler, rear diffuser, air intake in the front, side coverings, side skirts, the front opening hood as well ad the engine hood. The premium flap controlled sport exhaust system offers the best sound at the push of a button. Thanks to a provided remote control, the driver can change the sound of the exhaust pipe while driving. The tuning engineers have newly adjusted the running gear and tuned the super athlete thus he practically sticks to the street. The price for the demonstration price is EUR335.000 and the original price including the costs of conversion is EUR500.000. In the end, the tuning specialists have done an incredible good job and they can be proud of their achievement.