2010 VATH E 500 Coupe V50S review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 22 February 2010 , 15:02:38 byAngela

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VATH E 500 Coupe V50S

VATH specialists offer a super sport car which impresses not only by its excellent road performance, but also by its discreet appearance. We are talking about the E 500 Coupe V50S. The efficiency package has an established price of EUR 8.211 and the overall performance of the E 500 Series-Engine rises up to 435 horsepower. This actually made it possible to increase the maximum torque by up to 575 Nm. This output enables the car to reach a top speed of 280 km/h. The tuners managed to increase the performance of serial production vehicles by 47 horsepower by optimizing the software, including raising the maximum speed limit, sport air filter and complete sport exhaust device wit sport catalysts. For the street sport cars VATH offers a complete running gear, with a built-in adjustable hardness control. The sport vehicle costs EUR 2.963. For high performance, VATH provides a brake mechanism with 6-position brake calipers and 378 mm large brake disks. The luggage carrier-spoiler priced at EUR 1.761 and a black diffuser, priced at EUR 1.773 and produced from layer carbon, complete or similarly contributes to a sportier look. The tuner offers countless possibilities for individual interior equipment. If the client wants, the car can be entirely trimmed with colored skin, so they offer Carbon-Interior-Packet for EUR2.737 for high-quality interior possibilities in all variations. In terms of optional accessories for the interior space, the specialists provide velour foot mats for EUR 226 and speedometer for another EUR 1.297 with a scale up to 330 km/h.