2010 MINI Crossover Concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 , 07:09:37 byVeronica

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MINI Crossover Concept

Mini developed a new model, the Mini Crossover Concept, a model with four drive wheels, four doors and four single seats. These features alone place the new car right in the line of vision of new target groups seeking to combine the individual style of the brand with enhanced versatility within the interior and innovative functionality throughout. A highlight within the Mini interior is the new central instrument in 3D finish, the Mini Centre Globe. By offering options and versatility of this kind, the Mini Crossover Concept opens up new dimensions in mobility also beyond urban life. As a consistent enhancement of the Mini model family, the Mini Crossover Concept offers new caliber and new format in every respect. Its exterior dimensions are a clear symbol of the quest for additional options in driving the car in the new, enhanced driving experience. The Mini Crossover Concept offers extra space and mobility at the rear as well as a capacity to transport never seen before in a Mini. With two doors on each side of the car, the Mini Crossover Concept provides particularly comfortable access to the rear. Storage capacity may be then be increased even further by a transport case fitted outside on the rear door. The roof structure of the Mini Crossover Concept offers further options in enhancing everyday driving qualities and leisure-time enjoyment. Instead of a conventional center console, the Mini Crossover Concept comes with a fastening rail referred to as the Mini Center Rail and extending from the dashboard all the way to the tailgate of the car. This is the connecting unit between the front and rear seats. it also facilitates the common use of storage boxes and devices and makes it much easier to pass on food and drinks to the rear-seat passenger while driving.