2010 Nissan 370Z Yellow review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 3 July 2009 , 00:07:51 byDan

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Nissan 370Z Yellow

Among its most special features one can find the new paint job which is stunning for the special version of the affordable supercar of Nissan, the 370Z, the forged alloys, race car cues, black leather and suede interior and, most of all it is YELLOW. The exclusivity for this version is guaranteed because for the UK the available volume is strictly limited.
On the sports car market it is a star but now Nissan wants it all and goes for number one with the special version 370Z coupe. Due to its awsome fashion, the new 370Z deserves its name.

With its ultimate Yellow paint job, 370Z embodies everything that one can expect from the 331PS sportster, together with its rare exclusivity ?EUR" The number of Yellow cars will be limited ?EUR" and the potential is has due to the visual impact of its muscular looks takes it to new heights. This car was born to be yellow.

The 370Z Yellow has design elements that bow at the racing 370Z from the European GT4. It has 19 inch RAYS, forged alloys and special 370Z graphics come along the flanks, both items conferring perfection to the yellow body.
On the inside, the contrast is perfect> black leather combined with suede. The interior equipment also contains an integrate satellite navigation system, illuminated entry plates, special mats and BOSE audio with 8 speakers and six-CD autochanger. But the sophistication goes on> heated seats, cruise control, speed limiter and all the other characteristics of the 370Z GT Pack, which represents the base of this new Yellow model.
Like all the versions of the new generation of world famous sports car, 370Z Yellow is dynasty driving a delightful V6 engine. 331PS at 7000rpm and 270lb pulling power. Due to its six-speed manual box (seven-speed automatic is optional) this car goes from rest to 62mph in 5.3 seconds and goes on to a restricted top speed of 155 mph. The good sound of the engine is proved by the synchronised rev control during downchanges ?EUR", even wehen you role watching the showcases of shops.
For UK, the Yellow sport star is available at all Nissan dealers, but definitely at all High Performance Centers, which exclusively sell its big borther GT-R. The first models will be available in September and the prices start from ??31,650 with manual gears, or ?33,050 with automatic gears.