2010 NOVITEC ROSSO Edizione 747 (Ferrari 430 Scuderia Tribute) review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 20 October 2009 , 19:10:43 byAngela

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NOVITEC ROSSO Edizione 747 (Ferrari 430 Scuderia Tribute)

To mark the farewell of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, NIVITEC ROSSO presents the Edizione 747. The tuner turns the lightweight model into one of the most powerful super sport cars of out time. Under the hood it hides the new NIVITEC ROSSO 747 B-Compressor engine that increases the power of the V8 that normally produces 510 horsepower by 237 horsepower. All this output enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.4 seconds and to reach 200 km/h in 9.4 seconds. The NIVITEC ROSSO model is the most powerful and quickest Scuderia in the world. It is capable of reaching an impressive top speed of 351 km/h. The Edizione 747 specification is the ultimate high-end version and is limited exclusively to the Berlinetta model of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. The inter-cooling system features its own dedicated water circuit. For an optimized supply of cooling air to the engine bay specialists have developed a special underbody with integrated air deflector. The looks of the model are given by the two-tone special matt yellow and grey paint-job that emphasizes the sporty shape of the body. All carbon fiber engine components come with a matte finish. In terms of interior, the tuner offers different exclusive and sporty highlights. The steering wheel offers perfect grip thanks to a combination of leather and carbon-fiber. The NIVITEC ROSSO specialists equip the coupe with a two-tone interior that matches perfectly to the exterior color. This option is available upon request. To complete the steering wheel, NIVITEC ROSSO offers carbon-fiber shift paddles. They are longer than their production counterparts and make manual shifting of the F1-SuperFast2 transmission even easier. The whole team managed to achieve incredible performance and so, they can be proud of their work.