2010 Prior Design releases Porsche 996 to 997 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 27 September 2010 , 10:09:16 byAngela

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Prior Design releases Porsche 996 to 997

The presentation of the Porsche GT3 at the Essen Motor Show last year managed to catch many eyes as it had every reason to do this.
The car appears to be a four-part styling-kit with comprising front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a diffuser.
One can spot the remarkable work and inspiration of the car designers from Prior Design, who perfomed a magic job with the styling components. Thus, the front bumper ensures the sporty handling of the car, while the rear end is fitted with a new PD3 bumper, housing an exhaust system exclusive to Prior Design. There is more to performances. The lowering of the chassis by 30 mm lowered the centre of gravity and improved the handling.
The car has a great appearance as its silhouette seems lower due to a set of side skirts.

Porsche 996/997: Metamorphosis!

Last year at the Essen Motor Show, the label Prior Design from Kamp-Lintfort attracted a lot of attention with the presentation of their interpretation of the Porsche GT3. The four-part styling kit, comprising front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a diffuser, conjures a dyed-in-the-wool GT3 out of any 911.

The newest Porsche-based creation from Prior Design takes a similar path, but is instead directed at the owners of the much-loved 996 model. Once again, the designers at Prior Design displayed remarkable flair and intuition in the design of the new styling components, which are integrated perfectly into the form of the ultra-sporty Porsche 911.

The aim was to retain the 996 form, but to rejuvenate that form using modern 997 style elements. The pictures are impressive evidence of the success of the transformation. The front bumper, with its large air intake vents and additional, discreet spoiler lip, ensures sporty handling. The 911 rear end receives a completely new PD3 bumper, which houses an integrated sports exhaust system exclusive to Prior Design. Thanks to a curved set of side skirts, the silhouette appears lower from the side.

Once the aesthetic changes to the body had achieved a deceptively authentic transformation of the 996, it was impossible to omit a few technical modifications. The chassis was thus lowered by 30mm (again, a feature exclusive to Prior Design), which not only lowers the centre of gravity, but also improves the handling characteristics of the 911. In addition, the conversion is fitted with the segmented wheels of the Prior Design forge, a classy rim that can be manufactured in any size, according to customer requirements.

More information available online at www.prior-design.de