2010 Seat Ibiza 6J bodystyle from RDX Racedesign review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 28 July 2010 , 01:07:34 byAngela

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Seat Ibiza 6J bodystyle from RDX Racedesign

The new body kit from RDX RACEDESIGN gives the Seat Ibiza 6J a new front spoiler and headlight covers, which creates a more aggressive look. New side skirts, extended rear bumper with two large grids and a new roof spoiler were also added.
The new kit gives the car a sporty design and comes available for the 3-door and the 5-door Seat Ibiza 6J versions.

RDX RACEDESIGN makes the Seat Ibiza 6J & 6J sc more temperamental

  • Complete body kit gives the Spanish super-mini a sporty look

  • TUV parts certification or TUV approval of all parts (no registration required)

  • Made of PU/ABS for a perfect fit

RDX RACEDESIGN gives the little Spaniard a sporty flair. The new program for the Seat Ibiza 6J from the body kit specialist makes the Spanish car a racy hit.

The new front spoiler for all Ibiza models except FR and Cupra (169 Euro including VAT) extends the model's lines almost down to the pavement. Together with the headlight covers (35 Euro) it creates a more aggressive looking front section.

The side skirts (set for 129 Euro) lengthen the body between the wheels for a sporty look. This is emphasized by the recess that ends in two grids in front of the rear wheels.

RDX RACEDESIGN makes the rear end look more athletic. This is achieved by the rear bumper extension (189 Euro for all models except FR and Cupra) with its two large grids separated by a striking brace.

The sporty conversion is complemented by the new roof spoiler (149 Euro) that adds a striking accent to the transition to the tailgate.

All components of the new RDX RACEDESIGN body kit are available for the 3-door and the 5-door Seat Ibiza 6J.

The front and roof spoiler package includes a TÜV parts certification, so there is no problem registering them in the vehicle's documents. All other components of the RDX body kit are exempt from registration and do not need to be presented to the inspector.

Since every individual component is made of high quality PU/ABS, perfect fit is guaranteed along with low weight, optimal elasticity, and high material stability. This quality is guaranteed by RDX RACEDESIGN with a 14-day cancellation right and a two year warranty.