2010 Axon Plug-In Hybrid review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 30 October 2009 , 05:10:22 byAngela

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Axon Plug-In Hybrid

AXON AUTOMOTIVE british carmaker developed a new model and revealed it at the Milton Keynes Science Festival. To be more precise, we are talking about their plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. It combines full electric mode and uses petrol or bio-ethanol powered engine for motorway travel or long distance one. The specialists can make carbon fiber technology affordable for eco cars, lowering the CO2 emission level. With the plug-in technology there are no limits in range and the engineers can maximize the benefits of electrics without the weight and cost of large batteries. The model can fit two adults and a lot of luggage as well. The plug-in hybrid has fashion house designed seating made from recycled fabrics and door panels made from carbon fiber to complete the new approach to cars in a world with low CO2 emission level. The result offers fewer than 50 g/CO2 per km for the mix of electric and petrol used in the Government test so the driver does not have to pay a road tax in the UK. Actually, AXON AUTOMOTIVE Limited is the only British car company that builds plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The ones interested should know that the first units will be available for purchase in 2011 with full production in 2012. The model will be produced in different factories from Spain, France, Ireland, Denmark and Holland and of course, the UK.