2010 I.DE.A Institute Sofia Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 8 March 2010 , 05:03:12 byAngela

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I.DE.A Institute Sofia Concept

At the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show, I.DE.A Institute presents the all-Italian SOFIA sedan. At this 80th International Motor Show, I.DE.A presents a 4-seat sedan designed to receive power from a hybrid engine. The styling was offered by the new Design Center. The new SOFIA is a combination between sportiness and elegance. Its curves are graceful and the lines smooth and supple, the shape and profile are an enchanting and alluring as a female figure. The mechanical layout is designed for an 8-cylinder engine front or rear-wheel drive. A hybrid configuration with an endothermic engine combined with an electrical alternator / actuator is also possible. Founded back in 1978, the I.DE.A Institute grew fast into a company which could supply a whole range of services to the automotive as well as to other industries. The company has expanded onto global markets to respond to the needs of its customers and now has branches in Europe, Asia and South America. The I.DE.A Institute was created with the aim of providing a technological partnership to car manufacturers and never to impose its own signature on the cars it designed. Over the years, it had contributed to the design of many cars for the major carmakers of the world as well as working with manufacturers in other fields such as motorcycles, household appliances and furniture. An important characteristic of I.DE.A Institute is its systematic application of a Cost Engineering methodology to every phase in product development. This achieves the best possible balance between technical aspects and cost in order to fully meet project targets. The new organization at I.DE.A Institute is centered on a new management team of young, highly motivated people. Activities begin with the concept ideas, drawing and computerized renderings through to surface drafts, engineering and feasibility studies, and right down to prototype construction. The Institute also takes part in international competitions in interior design and architecture.