2010 Toyota Sai Hybrid review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 20 October 2009 , 10:10:18 byAngela

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Toyota Sai Hybrid

Japanese carmaker Toyota will unveil in Japan the new compact luxury sedan Sai, a model that will go on sale on their market on December 7th. It features a gasoline-electric hybrid system with a 2.4-liter engine for outstanding fuel efficiency and use of ecological plastic for around 60% of the interior surface area. The transaxle is exceptionally small and light, with a compact high-speed motor that achieves increased output and a reduction gear that increases torque. LED headlights preserve electric power and consequently reduce power-generation requirements on the engine. In the Standard Driving Mode, which balances fuel efficiency and power, drivers can also select Eco-Drive Mode, which prioritizes fuel efficiency by moderating driving force relative to accelerator operation and putting the air conditioner into a low energy-consumption mode, and Electric vehicle Drive Mode, which uses the electric motor only, resulting in extremely quite cruising and zero emissions. Required heat resistance, shock resistance and mass production capabilities have been ensured by employing advanced compounding technologies to combine the plant-derived plastic and petroleum-derived raw materials. Recycled materials are also used in parts such as undercover to further reduce environmental impact. High-efficiency package limits length while increasing interior space. Advanced safety technologies include a Pre-crash Safety System to counter both front and rear collisions as well as seven Supplemental Restraint Systems. Airbags are standard on all models and optional rear seat SRS side airbags pursue safety performance at the highest level. The Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control system offered as standard on all models balances driving power, steering and braking to achieve stable driving regardless of road conditions. The unique exterior features outstanding aerodynamic performance as well as prominent innovation and styling. The interior conveys modernity and quality with an unassuming and consistent beauty, including a slim and flowing center cluster characterized by advanced functionality.