2010 Volvo C70 Facelift review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 29 September 2009 , 11:09:06 byAngela

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Volvo C70 Facelift

Volvo launched the new C70 at the Frankfurt Motor Show at the middle of September. It features the same three-piece steel roof, practical seating for four adults and world-leading convertible safety as before. it is an elegant coupe, but it is also a sporty convertible. For the people who reward themselves with the best in life, the Volvo C70 is a car to enjoy. With its new front, the new model reveals traces of the S60 Concept Car that was unveiled now and it reveals traces of the S60 Concept Car that was revealed at the beginning of 2009. The nose is more wedge-shaped and has been given added three-dimensional depth by moving some elements of the front both longitudinally and vertically. The new headlamps have been angled up and to the rear, at the same time as the detailing of the lower grille has been enhanced. The exclusive high-tech LED lamps, of the same type as found on the Volvo XC60, are the most noticeable update at the rear. As at the front, new lines and details in the bumper and elsewhere have been integrated to emphasize the depth and dynamism of the design language. The instrument panel has been redesigned, giving it a wider, sleeker look and the surface of the panel has a new texture that enhances the feeling of quality. The new Volvo C70 has been engineered as one of the safest convertibles on the market, as regards both preventive and protective safety. The lack if a fixed roof has been compensated by structural reinforcements and sophisticated technology. One important part of the side-impact and rollover protection is the inflatable curtain, IC, which is installed in the door since there is no roof rail in which to fit it. The curtain can remain upright and help protect the head in an effective way even if the window is open. The model is available with three petrol engine variants and two diesel ones.