2010 BMW X6M by Vorsteiner review and pictures

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BMW X6M by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner designed a package for the BMW X-series. The X6M VRS Aero Package will be composed of resin pre-impregnated carbon fiber, used by an aerospace autoclave system. It contains carbon fiber add-on front spoiler, carbon fiver vented hood and carbon fiber roof spoiler. Also it features deck lid spoiler and rear diffuser, both made by carbon fiber. It runs on 23-inch wheels with a Satin Brushed Aluminum finish with Michelin tires. The new package will be available starting the summer of 2010 at all authorized Vorsteiner dealer centers.

Exclusive Sneak Peek of the BMW X6M by Vorsteiner

With BMW`s commencement into the SUV market with its X series comes Vorsteiner`s debut of the design of the BMW X6M VRS Aero Package. As with every quality Vorsteiner product, the X6M Aero Package will be composed of resin pre-impregnated, vacuum-formed carbon fiber, utilized by a state-of-the-art aerospace autoclave system. This results in an up to 30% stiffer and stronger structure when compared to an equivalent wet-lay product.

The components making up the X6M Aero Package consists of:

VRS Carbon Fiber Add-On Front Spoiler
VRS Carbon Fiber Vented Hood
VRS Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler
VRS Carbon Fiber Deck Lid Spoiler
VRS Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

The VRS Carbon Fiber Add-On Front Spoiler takes a new step in styling, outlining the front center grill in carbon fiber, complementing the aggressive fascia of the X6M. The Add-On Front Spoiler markedly increases front-end downforce, enhancing performance and presence.

The VRS Carbon Fiber Vented Hood further enhances the front end performance by eliminating 40% of the factory hood weight as well as hot air away from the engine. The Vented Hood precisely follows the shut lines and contours of the original hood, while augmenting its elegant appearance, adding a sporty edge with its carbon fiber vents and its re-sculpted power dome.

Making use of the grandeur of the X6M, our VRS Roof Spoiler further adds to the form and function of the vehicle, accenting the roof and rear windshield while improving airflow over the top and behind the vehicle. At the same time, it cooperates with the VRS Carbon Fiber Deck Lid Spoiler, directing a high-pressure air stream along the rear end of the vehicle.

Lastly the VRS Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser adds a finishing touch to the Aero Package. The newly designed diffuser emphasizes the shape of the rear bumper and exhaust while showcasing a functional "race bred" diffuser fins that flows into the under carriage of the vehicle.

The BMW X6M shown features our One-Piece Forged V-102 Wheels in 23 inches in a Satin Brushed Aluminum finish with Michelin Tires.

This new VRS X6M Aero Package will be available in Summer 2010 at an Authorized Vorsteiner Dealer Center near you.

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