2011 Zagato TZ3 Stradale review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 28 April 2011 , 13:04:58 byDan

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Zagato TZ3 Stradale

The delivery of the TZ3 Stradale by Zagato aims to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo, 1910-2010. In 2009, a "one off" TZ3 Corsa was manufactured and won the Villa D'Este Design Concept Award in 2010 and was then followed by 9 TZ3 Stradale. There were two different approaches for the same tribute. First, the TZ3 Corsa, which was based on a mono shell carbon fibre chassis and featuring a 6-speed sequential gearbox, mated to a 4.2-liter engine, then the TZ3 Stradale, which was based on the Viper ACR mechanical chassis and featuring a carbon fibre body and for the first time, it matches an USA power train and can represent the first American Alfa Romeo. The US Alfa Romeo and Zagato collector Eric King has ordered the first TZ3 Stradale, while the TZ3 Corsa has been booked by the Alfa Romeo Zagato collector Martin Kapp.
A typcal Kamm-tail is housed by both the TZ3 Corsa and TZ3 Stradale and is part of the functional design approach that aims to the aerodynamic efficiency. Thus, the lowering of the CX is possible without compromising the compact volumes.