2011 Artega SE electric vehicle concept review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 8 March 2011 , 06:03:09 byVeronica

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Artega SE electric vehicle concept

The 2011 Artega SE electric vehicle concept was presented at the 81st edition of the well-known Geneva Motor Show, aiming to offer its potential customers an efficient combination between environmental responsability and the passion for automobiles. The initials, SE, stand for "Sport Electric".
Thus, Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. KG once again demonstrates the strengths and benefits of its manufacturing plant.
Fraunhofer Institute, which is a competent development partner in the automotive sector, has also cooperated with Artega. The dynamic style of the sports cars has lead to frequent braking and acceleration, which is energy inefficient, but the electric cars have the ability to recover the lost energy through braking and delivering it to battery.
The vehicle is most likely going to be introduced in the late summer of 2011 and, if it receives a positive feedback from the public, it could reach the markets by April 2012. It is possible to make up to 500 vehicles per year without compromising the extremely high quality standards the company has set for itself.
A total output of 280 kW is delivered by the two electric motors placed on the rear axle and they operate independently as each drives one of the rear axles. Furthermore, the Artega SE comprises 16 tried-and-tested battery modules with lithium ion polymer cells with each of these modules containing 12 battery cells which operate for the most part autonomously.
There are no limits to the colors available (for example, the version presented at the Geneva Motor Show will be in Suzuka grey metallic with the matching upholstery in two colors, black leather for the door trim and the instrument panel and red leather for the rest of the upholstery), while the front hood appears to be made of carbon reinforced plastic.
According to EU standards, its total weight reaches 1400 kilograms, which represents 10% more than the GT version and makes it one of the lightest in its class.
The target group of the electric cars are the companies and public institutions which have a strong desire of protecting the environment.
The exclusive SE is offered at an attractive price of 150,000 euros, enhancing the social acceptance of the sports cars of tomorrow.